I’m going to guess and say that someone—maybe a friend or family member—told you about me and my site. Maybe you came across one of my videos. However you found your way here, I’m glad you made it.

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Born and raised in Australia, but I’ve been all over the world.

Some call me a digital storyteller, a media ninja, a content creator, entrepreneur. But really, I’m just an unshakable optimist who’s focused on being a mentor who helps others cultivate self-awareness. I help people build a brand and tell their story.

Recently, I’ve been endeavouring to set up a digital conscious community where we help one another with branded content and support one another as self-aware micro-influencers and entrepreneurs.

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The wonderful thing about all of this—being connected through the vast web of technology—is that we can positively influence each other’s lives.

I consider this a great honor.

I’ve recently introduced a new addition to my mentoring programs in Japan, called “Breath Work” Initiative—a comprehensive year-long program designed around three core pillars: The Force Field, Intuitive Intelligence, and The Vision.
This innovative program aims to empower individuals by developing a strong internal foundation (The Force Field), harnessing and honing intuitive abilities (Intuitive Intelligence), and fostering a forward-thinking mindset to envision and create a sustainable future (The Vision).
By participating in this transformative journey, you’ll gain the tools and insights needed for personal growth and global well-being. Embark on this adventure with us, and become a proactive agent for positive change in our world!
Why not give it a try? And if the “Breath Work” program isn’t quite what you’re looking for, remember, I have other mentoring programs available too.

Andrew's approach to client management to ensure satisfaction is certainly one of his greatest skills particularly as he asks A LOT of questions to actually understand the needs of his client. I'd recommend Andrew any day of the week and twice on Sunday's! Power to you AM.

Sally A IllingworthAustralian LinkedIn Media Personality

Andrew Morrissey is a Media Director, Personal Mentor, Motivational Messenger and a holistic coach for the Emergent Age, whose primary focus is upon the actualisation of one's potential through the development of an individualized, personal mythos. Using proven technologies of alignment and cultivation that harmonize the mind/body/spirit trinity, his work centers around enabling individuals to reactivate their superpowers of perception - opening new doors which enable the harnessing of universal energies.

Reina SohantaAuthor/ Muse

We engaged Andrew to create video content for our golf tour business. Andrew was easy to work with and made being in front of the camera a lot less daunting that other experiences we’ve had. Would recommend Andrew for anyone wanting to generate professional content for their business.

John DyerCEO Air Adventure Australia


I am grateful to have had opportunities to meet so many people throughout the years and am amazed to have been a part of their stories. With my online programs, videos, mentoring programs, and branding projects, people have transformed their lives and found a profound purpose to passionately pursue.

I share a wide range of tools and techniques with everyone I meet that helps them create connections and open up on spiritual and emotional levels. In return, these people become more courageous in living their best, most authentic life and can better share their gifts with the world.

So, don’t just take my word for it. Check out powerful stories from the community here.