Andrew's Brand Immersion program helped me discover my story, talents, and purpose in life.

Pete LynaghCoach




The Brand Immersion is a 28 day mentoring program helps clarify your brand’s vision and equips you with the tools to design and construct its legacy. By uncovering your origin story, we enhance your gifts, cultivate your vision, and clarify your purpose.


During these personalized Breath-Work mentoring sessions, we will explore your unique background more extensively to uncover any latent talents or abilities that may have been impeding your personal growth.


I’ll closely assess your brand, identifying key areas for growth, whether it’s storytelling, content, or marketing strategy. My aim? To build or enhance your media division, ensuring it perfectly aligns with and elevates your brand’s identity and legacy.

After following Andrew on social media for a while, I decided to engage his services. His Brand Immersion program helped me discover my story, talents, and purpose in life. Andrew is a very talented person who has this uncanny ability to have sight beyond sight when it comes to you and your personal brand. I highly recommend working with him. (Brand Immersion)

Pete Lynagh (AUS)Coach

Andrew’s superpower is branding. I have been working with Andrew Morrissey for five years now. He has been teaching me Breath-Work and Quantum Healing. This year, he came to Japan to assist with branding and creating my website, as well as developing a breath-work certification program in Kyoto, Japan. (Brand Legacy)

Maki Watabi (Japan)Mindfulness Mentor

I had a long-standing dream of establishing my brand on YouTube, and it was Andrew's ingenious proposition that gave birth to Raeburn.Media—a thriving media enterprise. Andrew's visionary guidance empowered me to step into the spotlight, seize command of my brand, and take control of my destiny. (Brand Legacy)

Jesse Raeburn (AUS)TV Presenter | Realestate

Andrew Morrissey demonstrated to me that each of us possesses abilities akin to superheroes. His Breath-Work practices and motivating YouTube content have become a daily source of inspiration for me. The belief in my own divine nature and distinct talents, fostered by him, has profoundly influenced the life I lead now. Mentors such as Andrew may not conform to typical stereotypes, but they are ordinary people who provide valuable guidance and should be sought out and followed.

Flavia Melissa (Brazil)Traditional Chinese Medicine

I initially employed Andrew to provide content for my three brands. In the midst of a worldwide recession, his use of storytelling and content marketing has helped my company generate millions more in sales. After some time, I realised he was also very skilled at creating brands, so I hired him as my media director. Despite the world recession, he was able to grow the media division into a six-figure business. (Brand Legacy)

George Passas (AUS)Mentor | Entrepreneur

Working with Andrew has been incredibly rewarding to date but I'm most excited about what the future holds with respect to our working relationship! He has a keen eye for creativity and a unique ability to create media assets that truly speak to the value of his clients and allow them to communicate clearly and effectively to their target audience. (Brand Immersion)

Sally A Illingworth (AUS)Media Personality

We engaged Andrew to create video content for our golf tour business. Andrew worked hard, efficiently and effectively - systematically checking off all the deliverables and criteria from the brief. Andrew was easy to work with and made being in front of the camera a lot less daunting that other experiences we’ve had. Would recommend Andrew for anyone wanting to generate professional content for their business. (Brand Legacy)

John Dyer (AUS)Air Adventure Australia

Andrew I want to express my love and gratitude to you for helping me bust through old patterns of unworthiness to truly see the gifts that are inside me. Your heartfelt care, knowledge of social media, attention to detail, wonderful storytelling ability and character development has given me the tools and the 'know-how" to share my gifts and services to the world in a way that feels completely aligned. (Brand Immersion)

David Beaudry (USA)Vitality Performance Coach

Andrew shone a light on the areas needing development and set me a challenge to grow into, regarding Social Media marketing, empowering me to develop new skills. Everything I needed was simplified and consolidated. I'm left feeling clear, grounded and with direction for the marketing of my business. Most important to me, I feel that the marketing and branding of my business are in good hands, leaving me feeling relaxed and free to focus on other areas concerning direct work with my clients. (Brand Immersion)

Emerald Fernandez (AUS)Holistic Consultant

Andrew came into my life and inspired and supported me in seeing clearly my life purpose and mission and how to go about achieving that. I teach Taoist Yoga and do Self Transformational work with private clients. After working with Andrew my entire world expanded in prosperity, clarity and abundance - as if by magic - my students grew, and my work expanded to areas I previously could not imagine. Working with Andrew is a wonderful experience on so many different levels. (Brand Legacy)

Jesse Lee Parker (Japan)Tao Yoga Japan

Andrew Morrissey endows and exhibits the new template of the male, the majestic male. He walks the path of the double-edged sword with fortitude, fierceness, and grace. The propensity of Andrew’s presence enables one to further access the hidden mysteries, about oneself within oneself.Andrew is a catalyst, an activator, a frequency game changer and a key player in harmonically integrating the new paradigm. I would urge anyone interested in the dynamic of energy consciousness, to explore the technology and tools that Andrew offers, he is at the cutting edge of the energetic evolution. (Brand Immersion)

Reina Sohanta (UK)Author & Muse

Andrew, I have been a follower of you on Facebook for years now. Though moving into 2017 I knew that I was coming to a point in my life where I needed guidance. Spending time with you was not just a pleasure. Having you reflect back to me the truth of what you saw allowed me to say YES to my vision and purpose even more! Being in your presence allows me to go deep within my own being to seek and find inspiration. I now know to use this SUPERPOWER of mine as a strength and to not hold it back anymore. I'm unleashing my magic! Brand Immersion)

Stewart Robertson (AUS)Relationship Coach.

Andrew Morrissey has been one of the main pillars of our success in the last few years. Most people know him as a Media Ninja, but he is not only a great videographer but also great at building teams, content, and business! He understands human psychology well which helped him and his clients create the next level of a superhero. Anybody can pick up a camera and shoot a video but not everyone can make a reasonable person look like a superhero, and that’s what Andrew’s strength is. (Brand Immersion)

Jag Jassel (AUS)Coach | Author

Andrew came along with a message that was unique, yet an Ancient familiarity, timelines started to disappear, yet I was present. The mystery began to unfold right here. Incredibly, the formless started to take shape and became form, inducing manifestation at a pace I have never experienced before. All parts of my self began to unite and integrate, unleashing my soul to be expressed in the world. If you are asking for real change, be ready to take action because with Andrew all is possible. (Brand Immersion)

Norma Saba (AUS)Healing Guide

What an amazing journey we started. In recognized the amazingness of each of our facets of perspective we started this segment of this journey. Thank you Andrew Morrissey for your authentic expression of your perspective as it inspires me to creating and living my mythos. You always can get me to laugh because you teach, show and become the sacred jester that helps us all loose the dis ease of seriousness. (Breath-work)

Matt Evans (USA)Qi Gong Instructor

Mr Morrissey is a coach for the Emergent Age; focusing on the actualization of one's potential through personal mythos. Using proven technologies of alignment and cultivation within the body and spirit; his work focuses on enabling individuals to recognize their Divine purpose. Extensively trained in the Yogic and Qi Gong arts for many years; Mr. M works with individuals to perceive, cultivate, and attain the realization of their inherent powers of expansion; abundance, and self-expression. (Brand Immersion)

Griffin Fae (USA)Media Personality

Your Story is Your Superpower

“Your Story is Your Superpower” is more than just a book; it’s a journey into the depths of your past to unearth the secrets that lie within your life story. Morrissey guides readers to carefully examine their own narratives, revealing how the very elements of our stories we often wish to forget are the keys to unlocking our true potential. By changing our perspective on past traumas, Morrissey shows how anyone can transform from victim to victor, from villain to hero.

After years of studying breath-work with Andrew, my life is completely transformed. I feel like I’m living my dream life.

Maki WatabiBreath-Work Mentor



The Breath Flow Certification program is built upon three foundational pillars: The Flow, Fusion Breath, and The Vision. The Flow focuses on cultivating an energy field to achieve your goals, while Fusion Breath teaches you to transform negative emotions into sources of strength and enhance your perceptual abilities. The Vision helps you develop a resilient vision to clearly define and pursue your desired reality. This 6-month course lays the groundwork for profound personal transformation and skill development. Participants will receive personalized support from Andrew to build their own breathwork brand online. Contact Andrew for more details.